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Have you ever wanted to create beautiful resin art? Or maybe you already have and you are itching to grow your skills and confidence in this area.


There's nothing quite like the feeling of moving your body and blowing waves around on a large canvas. It's liberating but it can also be daunting! Where do you start, what do you need and how do you know when it is finished?


In this class, I am going to break it down step-by-step!  I will guide you in creating a resin oceanscape (5x5") from start to finish. Throughout the process, I will be sharing the techniques secrets and tips that I use in my own studio practice.

I've also done all the hard work for you and put together this 'Ocean Resin Art Box' with everything you need to familiarize yourself with resin and make a beautiful Ocean Scape that you can show off to your friends!

Re -Usable Straw pouch/ Removable Wet Pouch + Mermaid Reusable Steel Straw Rainbow iridescent 

With the demand for re-usable straws on the rise it's only right to travel with them in style! 
Most of the cases I found were so boring so I decided to make some with a little color and love :) 

NEW - Disposable Utensils! 

* Disposable Wooden Cutlery
* Eco-friendly Alternative 
* Made from 100% Natural Birchwood 
* Biodegradable, Compostable 
* Durable & Sturdy 
* FDA Approved 

1 pouch: $8.50 
2 Pouches: $ 15 

1 pouch + Cutlery set : $ 12.50
1 pouch + Cutlery Set + 1 Straw: $15.50
(Cutlery set includes 1 spoon, 1 knife, 1 fork) 

1 Pouch + 1 Straw: $12

****** PLEASE include the name of the Fabric Design you would like with your order. Ex; ( 1 Flamingo, 1 Mermaid, 1 Confetti or 1 Mermaid Scales)

** For orders over 10 please Message me **

Gorgeous 100% cotton Handmade Straw Pouches with fold over closure. 
Each Pouch comes with a removable wet bag inside to keep pouch and purse dry. Easy to remove and wash both. 
2.5 in x 9 in 

*** Larger Pouch (11") also available - please see all listings. 

Available straight or bent
These beautiful high quality rainbow stainless steel drinking straws are perfect as a non toxic reusable alternative to plastic drinking straws. 
Colors may vary due to the nature of this product. 
They are Standard length and measure 8.5 inches. Dishwasher safe. BPA Free. Non-Toxic. Stainless Steel. 

**If you would just like to purchase Just the straws alone you can do so..
colors available are: Rainbow, Black, Rose Gold, Steel

Save the Oceans and look chic doing it!

Straw Pouch New Spring Prints| Eco Friendly | Straw Sleeve | Disposable Cutlery

Fabric Print